Beyond the Dream

The Raven Descends

Where does this appear?

There is a world far from our own. A world that lay beyond every horizon. A world populated by dreams. Dreams which live and die just as the mortals who created them do. Dreams who love and hate and wage war with the same brutal ruthlessness of their makers. That world is Avalen and it has known a century of peace which is about to come to an end.

For a dreamer has woken in the land, the natural order is thrown into chaos. War is on the horizon. In Mirgarden the dragons stir, in Torabane the giants roar. In Archaven the angels ponder, in Bloodren the demons plot.

The Fenngaard palace sends out its champions to return the dreamer to the mortal realm, but the talented jackals have reached him first. They will attempt to use his power to their own advantage.

In the midst of the confusion and discord there are older, darker shadows being cast across the land. Long dead nightmares are rising from the grave, Avalens greatest threat is emerging from the darkness.

At the centre of it all is Anthony Hallow, the dreamer. A mortal man whose prophesied presence will spell the end of harmony. He is a man of destiny whose awakening will herald the birth of an age of blood and death. Walk with him beyond the dream and see what fate is written.

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