Of The Shadows Own Accord


The Green and Pleasant Land
Volume 3, Of the Shadows Own Accord

With every scream the past dies, the streets are awash with blood and the ghosts gather in the shadows as Britain breathes its final breath.

At the height of the battle of London a young girl called Annabel Benyion fights for every moment of life. The capital is in flames as the military and the undead vie for supremacy.

With a few precious friends, the young girl succeeds in breaking free from the battleground metropolis, but her troubles do not end there for there is no part of the world now untouched by the Deathwalker virus.

As she seeks sanctuary in the deep hiding places of the world Annabel must deal with the loss of innocence, survival in the harsh land springing up around her, and the mysteries surroundings mankind’s cataclysmic fall from grace.

It is these mysteries which will lead Annabel and her friends far to the north, into the hands of newer, fouler enemies and all the dark destinies that await them at a place called Ravensberg….

Of the Shadows Own Accord is the third book in the Green and Pleasant Land series. Parts one and two, Old World and Amidst the Falling Dust, are now available for free across all ebook platforms.


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